What's this blog all about?

Hello and welcome, this post is mainly a test of my Gridsome and Amplify setup but I may as well take the time to talk about what I want to use this blog for.

I have wanted to start back into writing for years, but I could never decide on an overarching theme for what I wanted to write about. Having an overarching theme is important when it comes to people reading a blog frequently. There needs to be reason to come here, an expectation of the type of content you will find.

In the last few weeks I have decided that the blog should focus on full-stack engineering and everything around it. Having that as the focus will let me dig into multiple topics, whether I'm working on VPCs in AWS or building a new web component in Vue.js, it all comes under the umbrella of full-stack engineering.

In summary, I will be talking about AWS and the different services that I use, frontend development (primarily Vue.js), typescript, security, and this year quite possibly some work on smart TVs!